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The best premium quality doors, ever.

Internatlonally recognized for the techno logical commitment associated with the traditlon in developing doors for export, MADEPAR follows its path by overcoming goals, conquenng relationships and consolidating itself as the company that most closely approximates or transcends the needs of its clients.

With a modern industrial park of more than 34 thousand m² and with state-of-the-art engineering, MADEPAR dellvers daily a high degree of experience added to the vanguard in the market, which translates into doors with excellence in engineering and finishing, marks of our history.

Tradition and vanguard style. Past and future. This is our present time.

Seeking differentiation is an obligation for any company that wants to achieve results without limits. Keeping up to date with this differentiation is a challenge that we deal with everyday. We mobilize ideas, methodologies, technologies and a Iot of commitment to create and develop solutions, besides beautifu ones, definitive.

In this new MADEPAR moment, we understand that the challenges will continue, as well as our leadership posture to leverage results. Joining the solidity and reliability of tradition with intelligent creativity is one of the talents we have been developing for 40 years, it is not just memory. Our looks, a ways focused on the present and the future, make MADEPAR ahead of its time, transmitting an industrial dynamic that syntonizes with reality, with what is sustainable and with the overcoming expectations of the market, the partners, suppliers and clients.

We have idealized, based on the fundamental values of MADEPAR, a new logo hat carries clear senses at first sight.

The steep slope suggests the firmness of the forests, their sobriety, solidity, tradition and consolidation. Even so, the format of the letters chosen houses several consecutive and interconnected circles, which suggests the figure of the infinite, the perenization of a concept. So, if it suggests infinite, it suggests that it is a ways current.

The Green color is intrinsically linked to the conservation of biodiversity and intelligent care with sustainability. In turn, the white color gives the feeling of sobriety and awareness, and indicates that we know exactly what we are doing and for whom we are doing. Finally, the rounded shape and slightly flattened at the poles, refers to the Earth, the ecology, oikos = home. Its five lines indicate uninterrupted movement, renovation, dynamic harmony and transformation. The number of five lines was chosen to give the sense that MADEPAR is already preparing itself for the next decade of existence, with eyes on the future.

Responsabilidade Ambiental

In dia ogue with global realities, attentive to the urgent need for environmental protection and conservation, MADEPAR ooked for being withln the most rigorous socio-envi-ronmental procedures, maintaining its commitment to the well-being in the present and to the lives of future generations.

As such, it has been certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) since 2002 (Chain of Custody FSC-C004882) and 2003 (Forest Management FSC-C011479), reaffirming its position as a company that protects biological diversity, conservation of ecosystems and the surrounding communities, keeping up-to date with current egislation in the country and international;

Currently, Madepar has 3.013,30 ha of certified areas, integrating environmental conservation systems and procedures assoaated to the management unit.

Therefore, whether with the surrounding communities or their col aborators, MADEPAR follows, continuous y and progressive y, actions that reevaluate and sensitize these actors on the conditions and impacts inherent to the activ ty, as well as on the mechanisms we develop for the
mitigation of these same impacts.

We accept the chal enge of ful y operating the management of commercial and native forests with the socio-cultural context In which they are inserted, and our success is the best proof that we have been on the right track for 40 years


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Rua Heliodoro Muniz, 1480 - Área Industrial, Lages, Santa Catarina, Brasil


+55 (49) 3251 0699
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